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Martin was not only a founder member of Twice Removed, he was the inspiration behind the bands sound and attitude. Born with a curved spine, he had carelessly lost both legs by his mid teens, and never found them. He would always insist that he had left them on the bus. He had 3 enduring loves in his life, West Ham, Formula1 and first and foremost Music. The last 15 months of his life were spent in hospital where he lost his courageous fight in May 2009. All who knew him loved him dearly, despite the fact he could be a royal pain in the rear, and when he played, everyone listened. A talented tunesmith, Martin left a legacy of 100's of self penned and collaborative songs. He is sorely missed by the band, and will always be in our hearts. We are proud to have been able to  call him friend and brother.


Louis was born in 1990 and almost immediately diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. As he grew up he would always tell his dad, FATMAN, whether the songs he was singing and writing with BUCKO were any good. He soon became the unofficial musical director of Twice Removed. With a natural talent for art and graphics, Lou started designing flyers and websites for the band at the age of 14, and tattoos for his friends and himself at 16. Unfortunately, as his health deteriorated, he could only attend the odd gig here and there, until he stopped attending in summer 2008, whilst waiting for a lung transplant. He lost his brave fight for life in March 2009, just 6 weeks before the death of his "uncle" and band founder Martin. Louis' passing has left a huge hole in our hearts, but the way he fought throughout his life is a massive inspiration. Our love and respect for Louis will always reign supreme